Chief Ministry

Provincial Councils were commissioned by the provincial council act no.47 in 1987 under the 13 th amendment to the constitution. Several Ministries have been established to make policies in regarding to the subject areas fallen over the provincial council itself. Thus, the North Central Provincial Council consists of five different ministries and out of that the Chief Ministry is the main and bears the responsibility over Provincial Education, Local Government, Land , Irrigation, Culture.
The Chief Ministry identifies and activates the appropriate development activities to fulfill the essential needs of the people of the province.
At present, The Chief Ministry mainly consists of five different ministries and two affiliated institutions with several major development areas such as Tourism, Economic Development and Vocational Training, Energy, Environment and especially the Janasahana service which is very closely addressed the needs of grass root level in the society.
Ministry itself is acting as the main operational hub of the province by coordinating with the departments and institutions under it and do an effective and efficient service to the entire mass of the North Central Province.

Chief Ministry North Central Province
Ministry of Law and Order Finance and Planning , Economic Development , Engineering , Machinery of Construction , Media, Local Government , Education ,  Environment , Transport ,Tourism and Energy


Departments of the Ministry
Provincial Department of Education
Provincial Department of Local Government
Provincial Department of Culture

Institute of the Ministry

Early Childhood Development Authority
Construction & Machinery Agency


Subjects of the Ministry
Law and Peace
Finance and Planning
Provincial Engineer
Construction Machinery
Economic Promotion
Vocational Training



Main Subject Area

1. Imposing rules and regulations to maintain law and order
2. Financial controlling in relation to local government and administration
3. Deside policy procedure on Education and education related services
4. make arrangement to sustain better transport system
5. All activities relating to land administration
6. Control over Machinery Agency
7. Prepare Annual Development plan and supervising and controlling development activities of related departments of the ministry
8. General Administration and Controlling
9. Organise awareness programme on tourism to aware the school children
10. Planing , organizing ,and controlling over irrigation system on the province