Major Functional Areas


Major Functional Area

Our aim is the generating Society with full of educated , intelligence and values


Our aim is to contribute towards the development of the province haring established a peace - loving society on the basis of the law which protects human rights of every citizen implementing sound financial policy and people-based planning service in coordination with all the state organizations in the province.


1. Make sure a better education system for a social development of the people.
2. Facilitate the smooth function of daily routine of people by strengthening and formal development of the local government system.
3. Use the participatory combined approach to identify and implement the project.
4. Organize the events to upgrade the knowledge of present generation about our culture and protect the traditional cultural values of our province.
5. Implement the programmes to promote the economy of the province.
6. Develop the tourism sector with protecting the scenic beauty and traditional values.
7. Provide underprivileged areas with variety of power sources and introduce less expenses , environment friendly hearth to the rural people.


Aims at producing good citizens by development of education of all boys and girls of the North central Province under the theme “උතුරු මැද පළාතේ දරුවනට අධ්යාoපනයෙන් තොර අනාගතයක් නොමැත ” (development of wisdom and virtues of all people)
• Provision of access to education and equal opportunities
• Upgrading the quality of educations
• Distribution Educational Resources efficiently and productively.
• Strengthening of Educational Service Network.


Local government

Assisting to uplift living conditions of the public in North central province by means of providing necessary advice and guidance increase efficiency and productivity of local government institutions in terms of powers vested by statutes.

• Department of institutional strength of local government institutions.
• Providing assistance for development efforts within the areas of authority of Local Government Institutions.
• Regularization of financial control and administration of Local Government Institutions and thereby to reduce the number of disciplinary inquiries and audit queries.
• Assisting the Local Government Institutions to explore new revenue sources and providing necessary legal advice for same.

Cultural Affairs

Creation of cultural rejuvenation among different ethnic groups through preservation of arts and cultural heritage of all ethnic groups.
• Preservation of ancient arts and cultural heritage in North central province
• Giving publicity to local and universal arts heritage among the people.
• Encouragement and evaluation of traditional and modern artists in North central
• Providing facilities to promote art in North central.
• Conservation of primitive settlers and offering a helping hand for their living.

Economic Promotion Work

• A sound Economic Promotion Programme which raises the economic level of every ethnic group in the north central Province.
It is implementing the economic Promotion  Programme with aiming the local and foreign market to enhance the economic state of the Provincial people


• Promoting the tourism affairs in the province
• Monitoring the provincial affairs in the national tourist plan.
• Improving and starting the places which is important in tourism field.
• Improving the modern communication methods to aware the foreign tourist about the places which is important in capture in regionally

vocational Training

Implement of Vocational Training Programmes for the youths are unemployed in the North Central province hoping to rise their talents for the provincial development

Major Functional Area