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  •  For the development of 107 religious places such as Buddhist Temples , Churches , Kovil and Mosques in Polonnaruwa district were given 14.8 million Rupees and 9.8 million Rupees for pre-childhood development centers in the district was held in Polonnaruwa Royal college Auditorium recently.


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  • Tourist Issuer of Guide Lectures license for unemployment youth in NCP


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  • TJC Mango Tree plant in 500 areas in NCP


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  • Dipa Uyana Development Project


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  • Livelihood enhancing of law income self-employed in NCP


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  • School Librarian Traing Program in kekirawa Education zone


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  2015 -  5 - year - scholarship Winners

Prize giving ceremony to appreciate 2197 students in North Central Province who have got through the 5 - year - scholarship examination which was held in August 2015 was inaugurated in Provincial auditorium on 10.11.2015 with the participation of Hon. Chief Minister Pesala Jayaratna Bandara as the chief guest.509 students from Thambuththegama and Galenbindunuwewa Zones were presented certificates and awards in the first phase.
Polonnaruwa district programme will be held at Buddhi Mandapaya, Polonnaruwa on 17.11.2015 to give certificates and awards to 683 students


 Provincial Awards Ceremony - 2015 

All island and provincial level winners of English Day Competition held in 2014 and 2015 were given certificates by the chief guest Hon.Pesala Jayarathna Bandara, The Chief Minister of North Central Province. The ceremony was held at A/Swarnapali Girls Collage, Anuradhapura.


 City tour bus service

The luxurious (fully air-conditioned) bus service flying across Anuradhapura Sacred city covering Atamastanaya was initiated with participation of Hon. Maithreepala Sirisena the President of The Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on 31 of July 2015.
The Chief Ministry gave the initial support in collaboration with Sri Lanka Tourist Development Authority and the Sri Lanka Transport Board puts the service into operation.


The 19th consecutive year

The 19th consecutive year, The historic Sri Dalada Pageant was organized by Provincial Council under patronage of Hon. Chief Minister Pesala Jayarathna Bandara and street on 30th and 31st of July.



 Opening Ceremony  Of The Anuradhapura Tourist Information Center

Hon.Governor of the North Central Province P.B.Dissanayaka and Hon. Chief Minister of the North Central Province Pesala Jayarathna Bandara have declared opened The Anuradhapura Tourist Information Center at the auspicious time of 7.30 a.m on 21st of April 2015 with the participation of Hon. Members of Parliament and the Hon. Members of Provincial Council.


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